Our Mission is to identify, recruit and develop professional players for the Bedford 1st XV of the future.

Key Values:  Hard Work – Honesty - Respect

Player Development:
Our objective is to help you to develop to achieve your maximum playing potential.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your playing development please don’t hesitate to ask any of the coaches.  There is no such thing as a “stupid question” – if you don’t know – ask !

Ground Rules:
Academy players are expected to …
• be on time for all games and training
• keep the Team Manager informed regarding your availability for games and training - if you are not available inform the Team Manager 
• know the plans for games and training venues/times - we do not expect to have to chase you to give you details – if you do not know look on website – or phone and ask
• follow the ground rules for injury management and physio treatment
• have a zero tolerance to;
      o Drug use
      o Dishonesty - the coaches will be honest with you – we expect similar honesty in return.
      o Litter – this includes; the gym, team bus, changing rooms (home and away), training and playing pitches
• play on the edge, whist maintaining discipline
      o poor discipline (cheap shots, talking back to referee, giving soft penalties) results in yellow/red cards, loss of players and lost games
• take 100% responsibility for your performance – don’t make excuses
• never waste a training session
• look after match day kit – we do not expect to have to chase it
• follow the match day dress code an all occasions
• act sensibly and professionally when out socially as a team
• act professionally when training and playing at a partner club - you are representing Bedford Blues 

At some stage of your life you will leave Bedford Rugby Club.
• take the opportunity for development you have at Bedford Academy - do not have regrets in later life and say “IF ONLY……..”
• ENJOY your time at Bedford – you should play because you enjoy it
• rugby at Bedford is a TEAM GAME

Next Home Match

Saturday 21st September
1st XV Cup
Goldington Road