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Bedford Blues Community Department

Bedford Blues Community Department is the Blues' way of engaging with the local and wider community of Bedfordshire through a wide range of outreach projects.

What we offer

Blues Community aim to support grassroots development through rugby and non-rugby based games. Our outreach projects have been designed around the Blues Community values: Bravery, Loyalty, Unpredictability, Enjoyment and Sportsmanship. These values are an integral to help promote a positive mentality on the games field, in the classroom and at home. 

We offer the below range of outreach projects to schools and sports clubs:

Breakfast Clubs: 'Wake Up' games using hand eye co-ordination games to prepare children for learning straight away!

Lunchtime Clubs: Oversee and manage playground games in a safe environment. Encourage children to be active at lunch and promote a healthy atmosphere through team games.

After School Clubs: Provide extra-curricular activity with specialist sessions ran after the final bell. Registration and sign out included. We also help identify potential pathways for the children to enjoy sport outside of school.

Specialised Rugby Coaching: In depth rugby coaching, focused on team and individual skills and tactics. Specific areas of development identified and worked on whilst keeping the enjoyment. Also help with safety conscious areas such as the tackle, scrum and line out.

Lesson Support: Option to either cover PE lessons or support/upskill teacher on specialist coaching areas.

Rugby & Reading, Rugby in Numbers, Spelling & Sport: These three seperate projects engage children in the benefits of reading, mathematics or spelling whilst participating in sport. They improve confidence, engagement, behaviour and proves a strong link between classroom and values of sport.

Mentoring Scheme: We can help support students who have behavioural challenges or need a male role model outside of the classroom to help engagement. 

Guard of Honour: Matchday package at Bedford Blues home matches to form the welcome tunnel as the players run out on to the pitch. Includes a training session pre-match, talk with the players and certificates.

"The fans and the local community are an integral part of this club with their commitment and dedication in support. Our outreach projects give an insight to all in attendance as to how rugby coaching is delivered at a professional club, which we will strive to replicate when delivering our sessions to schools or sports clubs."

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Blues Community Skills

Bedford Blues Community produce regular video content showing core rugby skills, broken down into their key stages, to help youngsters perfect their own skills and correct techniques.

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